Extra large wedding dress storage boxes

You’ve spent months, or even years deciding on that oh-so perfect wedding dress. So when it comes to to the big day, you’ll want to ensure that it looks as pristine as the day you tried it on.

Not only that, you will want to ensure that those happy memories of your big day are magically preserved for years to come. This is why you need to make sure you have an adequately sized wedding storage box on hand to keep your dress in!

For dresses which have a large amount of adornments, skirting and petticoats, you will want to go for an extra large wedding dress storage box. This will ensure that not only do you have enough room for the all-important dress, you can also accommodate your train and veil comfortably too!

Things to look for when choosing extra large wedding dress storage boxes

As well as having enough room for your dress and accessories, make sure that your storage box is lined with PH Neutral Tissue paper as this will prevent any discolouring or damage to the fabric. If you are travelling abroad, make sure that the box will be sturdy enough to be stowed away when being transported to prevent any unnecessary damage.

Where to buy extra large wedding dress storage boxes

As well as the usual places such as Amazon, there are plenty of localised wedding retailers who specialise in wedding storage. In the UK, Dressinabox.co.ukThe Empty Box Company  and Boxfrocks.co.uk have a range of products, while in the USA, the place to head for is Foster Stephens Inc.

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